EXTORI original

The pillar of the original collection is multi-layer floors whose unique construction lends them many practical properties, such as greater resistance, life, or suitability for underfloor heating.

Format offer

70500 (600)15/43VR, 4V
9080015/43VR, 4V
12060015/43VR, 4V
120800-160015/43VR, 4V
1501800-212015/43VR, 4V
1801900-220015/43VR, 4V
2002000-245015/43VR, 4V
2202000-245015/43VR, 4V

*classes: P = Perfect, N = Natur, R = Rustic

Other properties

WoodEuropean Oak
Underfloor heatingSuitable
Surface characteristicssmooth, brushed, textured, old-class
Finishoil, hard vax oil, varnish
TonesSee page…

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