A floor composed of large-format slats is the latest design phenomenon. The ever-developing technologies enable us to create larger and larger sizes while maintaining the great functional properties, such as durability or suitability for underfloor heating. Individual slats and their widths and lengths can be assembled to meet any requirements. Extori XXL is intended mainly for large airy spaces.

Format offer

On request. Formats are customized to a specific order.

Thickness / Wear layerLenghtWidthClassSeamConstruction
15/42000–4000300–350CDtongue-and-groove3VR, 4V
18/42000–4500300–450CDtongue-and-groove3VR, 4V

Other properties

WoodEuropean Oak
Underfloor heatingsuitable
Surface characteristicssmooth, brushed, textured, old-class
Finishoil, hard wax oil, varnish
TonesSee page…

Unsure how to choose the right floor for you? You can browse our guide or contact us on extori@torin.cz.