2019/2020 Season

The colour palette presents the basic line for years 2019/2020. The intensity of individual colours can be adjusted as well as the colours themselves. The result is always a harmony of processed wooden surface and texture.

To select a specific tone, you are very welcome to visit our showroom or a showroom of our partners.

Aged surfaces

The new OLD-CLASS line is a combination of hand-made floors and top finish the appearance of which even more closely resembles aged wood. The effect is achieved by applying deep water soluble stains and subsequent surface brushing.
Thus processed slat is then hand-oiled which lends it the unique aged appearance. To achieve greater durability of the wood, a layer of hard wax oil is applied to the surface. The top finish is colour-fast, the aging is caused by a reaction between the stain and tannin in oak. The change is permanent. The OLD CLASS top finish can be applied also to other EXTORI products.