Every space requires a different maintenance regime of wooden floor surfaces, which is in a way unique. What needs to be taken into consideration is intended use, anticipated sources of dirt and dampness, season, particularly the winter months, when shoes soil the floor with a greater amount of salt and water and their rough soles increase abrasion.

  • Floors with average load should be washed monthly with water and vacuum cleaned weekly.
  • We recommend the floor is vacuumed cleaned prior to washing to avoid ingraining dirt.
  • In case of excessive dirt, a water soluble agent osmo Wish-Fix may be used. It is a highly effective, water soluble special detergent for regular use on large, intensively walked floors.

CAUTION:  The Wisch-Fix product must not dry on the floor in its concentrated form. It needs to be wiped off while wet, otherwise the dirt stains might spread. Carefully wash away any detergent residue from the floor.


Dry, worn surface (eg. scratches from chair legs)

  • Mechanical damage to the floor may be partially repaired/covered using osmo Way treatment and detergent – spray.
  • The spray will imitate wood texture and liven up the surface. A complete repair is not possible.
  • The agent can be applied if the surface is worn by use and dry to touch.
  • It is recommended the agent is used locally only, not in large areas.

The instructions can be found on the enclosed product information card.

CAUTION: The product must not dry on the floor in the full amount applied. It must be wiped off while wet otherwise it might stain. However, it is desirable to leave a thin layer of the product to dry on the floor. Therefore, the treated surface should not be washed with water following the application; just carefully wiped dry.

If a serious stain appears on your floor or if you do not know what to do, we recommend you contact us and do not try to remove the stain yourself using any other products.